You may not think much about your household appliances, but they are the things that keep you—and your home—up and running. Whether you are talking about your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or any other household appliance, you know that you have to clean and maintain it to extend its life to the fullest amount. But what happens when little parts start to break?

You can actually save money by performing repairs as they occur instead of waiting endlessly for them to “really” break. By taking control of the problem before it is allowed to grow, you ca save not only money, but the time, hassle, and potential costs that would occur. Consider these examples:

Your refrigerator is “running”—sounds like a silly joke, but a refrigerator running all day can cause a number of costly issues. The first is the electric bill—a refrigerator that runs all day can use up to ten times more electricity than one that is running properly! This translates into huge savings. Next is the cost of food—if your refrigerator dies, you will be stuck with a giant box of food that will likely go bad, wasting money and creating a huge mess. Before the problem gets to that point, have it repaired! Even if you think it is at the end of its life, a qualified repair technician will let you know for sure so you can make the best financial decision.

Your dryer is drying slowly, so you just run another cycle. Bad idea—if your dryer isn’t working very well, you need to investigate to ensure it is venting and running properly. Best case scenario, you double the cost of your dryer loads. Worst case scenario, a clogged vent causes a household fire. Save yourself the money and danger by fixing it up in advance!

Your garbage disposal isn’t disposing so much garbage anymore. Sure, you try to be careful, but stuff still goes down there… and there is a smell. A clogged garbage disposal can trap food particles, increasing the risk of foodborne illness, and it can back up your entire plumbing system. For a repair that will probably cost you under $100, you may face thousands in drain snaking and water damage costs if you don’t get it fixed in a timely manner.
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