Could your washing machine use some service? Many major appliance brands promise that their products will never need repairs, but they all do eventually. So when you start hearing squeaks, bangs, or rattles, check out our tips to see if you might need service.

1. Is it leaking? Water should only come out of one part of your washing machine—the drain hose. If you see, feel, or find evidence of water anywhere else, it’s time to call a repair man!

2. Is it “taking a walk?” When your washer is unbalanced, it can tip, rock, and “walk” across your laundry room. While this could be a simple case of overloading or loading unevenly, balance problems that persist despite correcting the load could be a sign of a worn belt, gear, or other part.

3. Do you smell burning rubber? Rubber components, such as belt systems, can become worn and produce a burning smell. If you start to smell this, call your local repair man!

4. Are your clothes still wet? If your dryer can’t spin properly, it will not dry your clothes effectively. This could be a sign of a broken part inside of the machine, so make sure to get someone out so your clothes will be as dry as possible before putting them in the dryer.

5. Does your washing machine shut off unexpectedly? Many problems can cause unexpected shutoffs, including loading the washing machine incorrectly and power interruptions. Once you’ve ruled out consumer issues, you may need a repair technician to help you get your clothes clean again.

These are just a few of the issues that your washing machine may face! For appliance repair in New Jersey, consider contacting Stark Appliances. We promise to get your appliances up and running as quickly as possible so you can go back to living your life!